Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Prima Ballerina

The highlight of our week is always Wednesday night at 4:30. Since the day she was born I had waited for the moment that i could sign Brooklyn up for tap/ballet classes. From the moment i found out she was a girl the my dreams of a little ballerina began. Visions of pink tights, pink leotards, shiny new tap shoes, ribbon in her hair and tutus have been building up inside me for 3 years. Finally she was old enough and i was tickled pink as i signed her up. I signed her up at the same studio i had danced at as a child. Tara and i took her shopping and bought 10 of the most adorable and sparkly outfits we could find. I love watching her, she definitely a natural. I see many recitals and dance shows in our future. She has become my dream come true!

1 comment:

Chris, Michelle, and the girls said...

She is sooo precious. And if she has any of your talent, she will be a great dancer!

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