Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quotes from the Queen

while driving home from work and making a left turn-
Brooklyn: "mommy do you like turning left?"
Mommy: "well, just as much as i like turing right"

after receiving a balloon from the lady at the grocery store and a lollipop from the lady at the bank-
Brooklyn: "mommy me must be a very nice good gurl to get very special treats"
Mommy: "you definitly are"
Brooklyn: "ah, sank you mommy"

While sitting outside on her princess chair right in front of Jayden
Brooklyn: "Jayden me tells you a story. Once upon a time there was a very nice and beauisful mommy in da house...."
Mommy (while peaking through the blinds) "ohhhhhh"
Brooklyn: "mommy me need my privacy"

While playing with her princesses
"Mommy you need to come talk to Beast"
"why, what is he doing?"
"He is knocking all the princesses over"

She keeps me smiling :)

Mommy and Baby

Mommy and Baby
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