Friday, May 22, 2009

my 2 and a 1/2 year old

My 6 month old
My little girl is getting so big. She has only been around for 2 1/2 years but its funny because i don't remember life without her. Brooklyn is doing so well in school. I just had my first parent teacher conference and her teachers told me that her review was the only one that didn't have any negative remarks on it. They sad that Brooklyn is a very smart, mature and sensitive child. She never is aggressive with other children. They never see her hit, kick or yell at other kids. They in fact said they are working with her and trying to teach her to yell when a child is mean or trying to take her toy. Brooklyn is now in the process of moving out of the toddler room and into the primary preschool classroom. I am a proud mom. Brooklyn never throws a tantrum at home or at school. She still is a little whiner though.

Its been a year since i bought her potty chair and in a couple months one whole without diapers!!!! As you can see she likes to bring company with her into the bathroom. Yesterday at Disneyland we were waiting in line for the tram then when finally our tram was the next one to come she tells me "mommy me need to go peepee". I asked if she could hold it until we got into the park and she sad "yes". I knew it was asking a lot from her. But sure enough without a problem she held it for the ten-15 minutes into the park.

Here are some of the funny things Brooklyn has said lately.

Mom: (i am in the restroom and hear some weird noises) Brooklyn what are you doing?
Brooklyn: I'm doing funny things
Mom: are you, now? what sort of funny are you doing?
Brooklyn:I'm making funny faces at the doggies

Brooklyn:Are you one of my pets? (asking me)
Mom: no i am your mommy but lacey, jayden and romeo are your pets
Brooklyn:are you sure?

anytime I ask her to help me with something and she doesn't want to help she says "mommy yous a big girl mommy, don't worry you can do it by yourself"
I just love my little monster. Watching her grow has been the most amazing experience of my life.


Liz and Brian said...

Feisty....I LOVE IT!! And thanks for FINALLY updating!

Laura and Corey said...

i like the whole "mommy yous a big girl mentality." thats a strong independent woman you got there.

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